10 ways you can change your life through the power of positive thinking

As human beings we naturally focus on the negative things in life, take the media and news for example! How little do you hear about the positive things going on in life? And how much do we hear about politics, terrorism etc?


We’ve created a short list of things you can do to stay positive and remain that way:


1. Replace negative words with positive ones

Are you that person that always tells themselves “I can’t”? If so, stop doing that or you will convince yourself that’s the truth! Instead tell yourself that you WILL or at least that you will try YOUR best


2. Analyse what went wrong

This one may appear negative, but believe me it is far from it. Positive thinking does not mean that you deny when things go wrong. Instead think about the things that didn’t go so well, then think what could you have done differently and next time a similar situation comes up, you know exactly how to deal with it avoiding future mistakes and enjoying a more positive tomorrow!


3.  Give yourself a pat on the back!

This is a very strong point, emphasising what I said at the beginning. Quite often we only look at the ‘bad’ things or mistakes and this can lead to frustration/anger. Get used to giving yourself a bit of credit for what you do right! Pat yourself on the back every time you do something positive, no matter how small it may seem!


4. Learn from the past, look to the future

No matter how bad things were in the past or how vast a mistake was, do not beat yourself up about it, ask yourself this one question; What can you do right now to change the past? The correct answer to that is NOTHING! So when you feel negative thoughts about the past come up, replace them with happy and positive thoughts about the future


5. Think of everything that happens in your life as an opportunity

Sometimes the ‘negative’ things that happen present you with great opportunities that maybe you would not have thought about pursuing otherwise. A great example of this would be losing your job, yes that’s not a great thing to happen, but now you have the chance to do that thing you have always wanted too


6. Surround yourself with positive images & people

This is sometimes a difficult one to change, surrounding yourself with people who are eager for you to grow and support you every step of the way is important, cutting lose on those can be difficult, however the rewards will outweigh that.

As well as this, try surround yourself in a positive environment, something as simple as keeping your home/car clean and tidy works


7. Read an inspiring book (and make sure it’s interesting to you!)

If you really are struggling to pick yourself up and can’t seem to find a way to improve your mood, try reading a book meant to inspire. A couple of great examples which I love are:

  • The chimp paradox
  • A mindfulness guide for the frazzled (by ruby wax)
  • Awaken the giant within (Tony Robbins)

There are many more, but these should get you started, another useful tip is read the autobiography of someone you see as a role model.


8. Engage in physical activity

Working out or taking part in Sport is a great way to relieve any stress as this releases a chemical into your body & brain  that improves your mood, this doesn’t have to be a strenuous task. Just going for a walk can be beneficial, and anyone can do that!


9. Listen to upbeat music

Music has also been shown to enhance mood, this creating a more positive outlook on life. Wether you are relaxing at home, in the office or driving the car, turn the music up and listen to something that makes you happy!


10. Meditation and mindfulness

There are countless studies suggesting that meditation and mindfulness are beneficial and encourage positive thinking. Clear your mind, relax and push away the negative thinking that’s troubling you


“in order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision”  - Dalai Lama 


In a nutshell, your are in charge of your thoughts, don’t let them control you. Stop those negative thoughts and realise that you are in control of what you think!

Just smile, believe the world is a great place and appreciate all the good things


So there you have it, some very useful tips to help you stay on top of life and have a positive outlook.

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