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How to lose weight over the Christmas period!

Nothing beats a warming glass of mulled wine or a sugar-laden mince pie at Christmas. But with so many delectable treats on show, it can be difficult to keep on track! So we’ve put together a few tips to help you stay on track!


1.       “Free-from”

With so many over-processed temptations available at Christmas, it’s far too easy for our bodies to become clogged up with artificial nasties. Try using ‘free from’ alternatives for traditional Christmas recipes. For example, when it comes to stuffing, don’t think breadcrumbs, think, quinoa or rice!


2.       Breakfast like a king!

You’ve heard it a hundred times before, but skipping breakfast will give you hunger pangs that quickly leave you reaching for chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks to boost those energy levels!

Studies at the University of Leeds found that eating earlier in the day helps to prevent people from getting hungry, losing control and overeating in the evening. But what if you never feel hungry in the morning? Chances are, if you can last until mid morning or lunchtime before eating, you're having too much to eat in the evening - I guarantee if you have a smaller dinner, earlier in the evening, you'll wake up with a ravenous appetite!


3.       Coconuts!

Nothing sends cholesterol levels through the roof like Christmas! So save yourself the heart clogging worry by leaving the butter in the fridge and opting for coconut oil for basting! Also try drizzling your Christmas pudding with dairy-free coconut yoghurt, a delicious and light alternative to brandy butter!


4.       Portion control

For the ideal Christmas lunch, stick to these portions on your plate!

-          50% vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage

-          40% protein, such as, turkey or beef

-          10% treats, such as Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets, stuffing, roast potatoes and gravy


5.       Clever tricks

Take the edge off of your hunger and fill up before a party to avoid over eating! We recommend snacking on one of the following:

-          Handful of walnuts

-          Handful of almonds

-          A slice of wholemeal toast and peanut butter

-          One boiled egg

We often mistake thirst for hunger too, so make sure you drink plenty of water before a meal or party!


6.       A little extra

-          Don’t snack in front of the tv. We often eat as many as 300 extra calories whilst sitting in front of the tv!

-          Beware of huge wine glasses. Drink out of a smaller wine glass will restrict your intake of calories

-          Swap  a serving of Baileys (180kcal) for a glass of Champagne (110kcal)

-          Swap a mince pie (240kcal) for a slice of Yule log (186kcal)

-          Swap 30g Stilton (130kcal) for 30g Camembert (90kcal)

-          Swap a handful of Pringles (280Kcal) for a handful of Twiglets (190Kcal