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Gratitude – One thing that will change your life forever!

Gratitude is the fundamental reason behind happiness, it’s not the happy people that are thankful, it is the thankful people that are happy. 

We are that confident that this is the case we are going to set you a challenge to start right now, so keep reading!


“You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy”

-  Buddha


You might be wondering what is gratitude!?

Well, let me tell you….

Gratitude can be defined as a feeling of appreciation or thanks, noticing simple pleasures and acknowledging everything that you receive.

With thanksgiving coming up, the world will be taking time to acknowledge what were all grateful for, our question is … Why just do this over one day?


Here are some reasons why it is important to practise gratitude:

-          Presents a heightened sense of self-worth. It is a great way to become aware of what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t, this shifts your focus to a more positive approach. Practising gratitude is also a great way of turning everything that you have, or who you are, into enough. When you feel enough and realize other people see value in you, you can change the way you view yourself.

-          You are 25% more likely to be more creative, bounce back quicker from adversity, have a stronger immune system, have stronger social relationships (Emmons, 2007)

-          Helps us celebrate the present, magnifying positivity and noticing them more. Research shows that positive and negative emotions wear off pretty quickly, however gratitude helps us appreciate things more meaning the emotion lasts longer.


Research has shown that overall quality of life is improved through practising gratitude, so why not give it a go?

In fact, we are that confident in this theory that we are going to set you a 30 day gratitude challenge (you can research this more but we have done all the work for you), all you have to do is:

1.       Each day write down something that you are grateful for, make sure that you FEEL it deeply,  it should be something that makes you ponder (something that makes your heart swell up). Make sure you are very specific with this, for example, it is obvious that you are grateful for your children, but why do you feel grateful?

2.       Click the button below, follow the instructions and we will email you a printable document to use daily with instructions,


Once you finish this task you will find that you begin to appreciate the simple pleasures and things that you may have previously taken for granted. Gratitude should not be used as a reaction when you get what you want but utilised all of the time, look for the good in even the most unpleasant negative situations.


Starting from today don’t wait for a positive experience to happen for you to feel grateful, demonstrate gratitude in all of your experiences, even the not so positive ones.

Top 9 local places to eat whilst being able to stay on track!

If you are like us, you WILL have searched Google for the healthiest places to eat, locally.

Eating out doesn't have to be a daunting task because it will throw you off track, 

We thought we would make a list of our top 10 places to eat whilst still staying on top of your goals:

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison
— Ann Wigmore


1. Keelham Kitchen (Skipton)

Keelham Kitchen is a great place to find local, fresh food and drinks.

Breakfast is our favourite here! You will find plenty of healthy options too!

You will find Vegetarian, Gluten free & Vegan options all produced locally; everything is also made from scratch. What makes this the best for us is the relaxed and friendly atmosphere as well as the farm shop offering an amazing array of fresh local foods.


2. Cobbles & Clay (Haworth Main Street)

Cobbles & Clay is a unique cafe, offering a pottery painting studio too.

Their menu offers "No junk, no gunk" meals including freshly made snacks, speciality teas, additive free soft drinks, organic wines. They also pride themselves on catering for a wide range of dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy free options.


3. Daniels Cafe & Bistro (Ilkley)

A small but very impressive cafe offering British & European vegetarian, vegan & gluten free options. You will find many healthy options as well as a relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff.

From smashed avocado & Hummus to super green omelette you are sure to find an amazing, tasty healthy meal!


4. Dandelions cafe (Saltaire)

Vegan, gluten free, nut free options.

A pop up cafe offering nutritional plant based foods; they use the freshest, most organic locally sourced products possible. You will always get a meal with a good balance of macronutrients and super foods.

We have only been here once, read a lot of reviews and were very impressed.


5. Lemon Tree (Keighley, Oakworth road)

Vegetarian, gluten free options available. Happy to accommodate dietary requirements the best that they can.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat out with friends or family, celebrate a birthday, then Lemon tree is a great option. They serve Spanish Tapas and Greek Mezes as well as Mexican food with English, American and Mexican breakfasts.


6. The Kitchen (Cross Roads)

We have been here quite a few times because they offer fresh & delicious food whilst using locally sourced, fresh products. Also vegetarian friendly. You will feel very welcome here and you can opt for the healthier options


7. The 3 Acres (Cross Roads)

The 3 acres serves fresh homemade meals with food sourced locally. You will feel valued and appreciated as they do their best to cater for every dietary and allergy requirements. You won’t be disappointed.


8. Dick Hudsons (Bingley)

If it’s a great warm relaxed atmosphere you’re looking for, look no further. You'll find an excellent choice on the menu with a vast array of foods on offer. Even better, Saturday is steak night!


9. Coldspring Mill (Cullingworth)

Found in a beautiful countryside in Cullingworth, the small coffee shop (and outdoor clothing shop) offers homemade meals. This lovely little cafe has been one of our favourite to go for breakfast or a small meal whenever were feeling peckish, with healthier options and staff always try their best to accommodate any requests we have.



Eating away from home often limits any weight loss goals, but it doesn’t have to! You can stay on track by following these tips too:


- Limit dressings/Sauces where possible or go for reduced fat/fat free dressings instead

- If you do opt for dressings or sauces, request that they are served on the side so you can control how much you have

- Opt for healthy substitutions for side dishes instead of fried products such as fries or onion rings. Most places offer side salads, fresh fruit or steamed vegetables.

- Choose a less carbonated and healthier drink where possible, such as a glass of water with lemon or lime or unsweetened tea

- Some places offer SUPEREXTRALARGE options, avoid the temptation.

- Reduce sodium content by requesting foods to be unsalted or without any additional seasonings


Having Tried all of these places, we can really say that there isn’t a clear number 1, we would certainly advise all of these (We're excited to be going back to Dick Hudsons tomorrow for steak night!) for a healthy as well as delicious meal!