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Reasons why you need to roll out your exercise ball!

Did you buy a Swiss/exercise ball with every intention of doing some home workouts but never actually got round to doing so? I can bet that right now your exercise ball is just sitting in the corner of your room gathering dust or looking like a pretty ornament in your garage...


If I am correct, I'm going to give you a few reasons why it's worth getting it back out again

1. It's a useful tool to stabilise your shoulder joint

Obviously you won't build masses of muscle or strength due to the instability of an exercise ball, however they do provide a great challenge for the stabilising muscles, working these muscles in this way means you will be building the foundations to training with heavier weights while being able to stay injury free and maximising your potential


2. Your very own home gym

Gives you the ability to train at home, If your afraid/embarrassed/scared to go to a gym, worry no more, getting that dust collected exercise ball out again gives you the ability to progress, yes it's no squat rack or deadlifting platform but you will still be going in the right direction! Having the exercise ball also means you can do a lot more different movements

3. Increase your range of movement 

If you do your research you will find that the exercise ball can provide a higher range of movement in comparison to doing exercises without it, this will challenge your muscles even more!


4. Use the ball to make conventional moves even more challenging

Making things more challenging and changing up your usual routine will prevent you from hitting a plateau which will make it easier to progress


There you go, 4 great reasons to grab the duster and roll the exercise ball back out

Research some exercise ball moves and you'll progressing in no time!